the Inhabitants of the Russian cities believe that the future of children is to be postponed from 2.8 to 17.2 million rubles. These data were obtained in a survey conducted by the company “Sberbank life insurance”, reports “Izvestia”.

the Survey showed that 62 percent of city dwellers consider it necessary to accumulate savings for their children. Most supporters of accumulation of living in Makhachkala (84 percent), with the lowest were in St. Petersburg and Moscow (34 and 44 percent).

At the same time in Makhachkala is ready to accumulate 2.8 million rubles, while in the capital, this amount is 17.2 million (9.5 million for St. Petersburg).

most parents save money for education (70 percent) and purchase of apartments (53 percent). 14 percent of respondents saving for what would the children was money. 12 percent — on treatment. 8 percent of respondents want to transfer the money by inheritance. The survey involved the residents of the 37 towns with a population of 500 thousand people or more.

Earlier it was reported that a third of Russians because of the coronavirus began to pay more attention to the availability of benefits from employers, and 13 percent of workers called the main factor when choosing a job. Every fifth Respondent considered provide employees the bonuses are necessary in crisis situations. The majority of respondents believe that direct financial support would be most useful.