a High salary, stability and a good team – three main features of the work, the dream of the Russians. This is reported by “RIA Novosti” with reference to the study of service recruitment “” and apps Viber. In research took part more than 4.6 thousand users “” and 2.6 thousand Viber users from all regions of the country.

67% of respondents the main feature of the perfect job called high salary. This is an expected response. In second place was the stability it among the signs of a dream called 58% of respondents. Closes the three leaders of a good team – without it there can be a dream job for 48% of the respondents.

Comfortable working conditions are also an important element: it as a symptom of perfect work said 38% of respondents. Top 5 signs for the perfect job also included the convenient location and proximity to home places of work. This is important to 30% of the respondents. Work should be fun, as well as to contribute to the fulfillment of this quite often, say the Russians.

Assessing own work, the Russians in 32% of cases said that they have convenient hours, good salary (it was named by 31% of respondents ) and friendly staff (also 30%). Perfect its work has identified 34% of the respondents. The majority of respondents, in principle, not opposed to change: would change in their current place of work. So, 58% of respondents dream of a higher salary and 11% on the transition to free schedule, and 9% want to build relationships within the team. Only 6% of survey participants said that they would leave it as it is.

the Majority of respondents still do not intend to move anywhere, they are quite happy with life in his hometown. Only 24% of respondents believe that a dream job can be in a big city or in the capital. 18% of respondents stated that they would like to work abroad.