The Russians have called for a comfortable stay in the isolation amount of money

Russians called comfortable place to stay in the isolation amount of money in the survey of service of the SuperJob, the results of which the newspaper “Izvestia”.

according to the survey, for a comfortable stay in isolation average Russian quite 80 thousand rubles per month. While women’s requests were more modest 70 thousand to 90 thousand men. People to 24 the desired amount was below the average in the range of 60 thousand rubles. Russians over the age of 45 years for a comfortable stay in isolation will be sufficient 92 thousand rubles.

in addition, the level of expectations increases with the level of income. Respondents with an income up to 30 thousand considered it in isolation would be sufficient for about 63 thousand rubles. But receive from 80 thousand rubles per month, the figure was 116 thousand rubles. In Moscow and St. Petersburg respondents said that they need 100 thousand and 85 thousand roubles for a month of isolation, in regions — 80 thousand rubles.

the Survey was conducted from 6 to 14 APR among 2.5 thousand respondents out of 437 settlements.