Russian family of three people in which two are working, an average of 85.7 thousand rubles per month for a comfortable life. It on 7,7 thousand rubles more than the year before. These data are presented in the research of holding “ROMIR” reports owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

the Family budget from 60 to 90 thousand rubles and more than 120 thousand would accept 22 percent of the respondents, 21 percent of respondents cited the desired revenue 90-120 thousand rubles. Another 18 percent believe sufficient 45-60 thousand rubles and 4% — 20-30 thousand roubles. On less than 20 thousand rubles a month were ready to comfortably accommodate 2 percent of respondents.

the Survey showed that average real income increased modestly to 86.8 thousand rubles, and the desired — 85.7 thousand. In this case a man called a comfortable budget of 88.4 thousand rubles rubles, and women 83.6 thousand. The biggest requests were inhabitants of the North-West Federal region (100,8 thousand rubles).

the survey involved 1,5 thousand Russians 18 years and older, living in all types of settlements of all Federal districts of the country.

In may, the Russians called the amount they need in the event of financial difficulties. According to analysts of the savings Bank, the average is 350 thousand rubles, but the amount varies from region to region. Most of the money you need residents of St. Petersburg (582 thousand) and Moscow (521,5 thousand).