The Russians harshly criticized blogers Didenko because of the deadly party in the bath

netizens criticized the blogger Ekaterina Didenko, at the party in honor of birthday in Moscow sauna where her husband died and two more friends. It is worth emphasizing that Didenko has positioned itself as a “pharmacy revizorro”, and her blog is devoted to medical facilities. Hundreds of netizens left angry comments. They are outraged, why Didenko did not know about the hazardous properties of dry ice, because of which the tragedy occurred.

we will Remind that from-for thrown in a bath of dry ice is carbon dioxide released, which caused the suffocation of those who were directly in the water. Three people were hospitalized.

“How can you not know the effect of dry ice?”, “I hope after this everyone will understand that it is fake, which just makes podpisati”, “How can you be so stupid stupid?”, “You need to close the comments and close your page, as Many people ditched!”, “Delete the page, incompetent a murderer. Worthless your blog after my husband’s death” – such comments occur on page women.

it is Worth emphasizing that Didenko after the tragedy closed the access to the most recent posts on your blog. Subscribers are outraged by this. However, despite what is happening, many have expressed condolences in connection with death of the husband Didenko. “Kate, hold on! You have someone to live for!” – they write. It is known that blogers left two small children – a son and a daughter.