The Russians from the cruise ship Diamond Princess healthy

Under special control is now a cruise liner Diamond Princess off the coast of Japan. He was placed on a two-week quarantine.

it Became known that another ten passengers confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus, that is just sick for 20, reports “Russia 24”.

On Board nearly four thousand people from 50 countries. Among them are the Russians. According to the statement of the Russian Embassy in Japan, their health in order.

“With compatriots maintained a constant contact, we receive timely information about their wishes, needs and problems. Consular employees quickly convey these wishes to the Japanese authorities. Supported close cooperation with the relevant Japanese authorities. The most important thing at the moment, Russian citizens diagnosed with the virus. And according to date on the ship confirmed with the virus have 20 passengers, among whom no Russians”, — commented the press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Japan Tatyana Kochkina.