In Moscow held an unusual “rain” – from panties and bras, according to “Moskva24”. Later it turned out that the undergarments with the balloon dropped bloggers.

The incident occurred in the village Samotino of the sergiyevo-Posadsky municipal district. Panties and bras fell from the sky directly to the Playground. Those on her at this point, the children began to try on items of adult clothes.

Reporters noted that the clothes were new, not worn. It was later revealed that the underwear with the balloon on the ground was thrown out by bloggers, who filmed the video. However, the meaning of shares is still not known.

In December last year, as reported in the Rambler, Metropolitan blogger dropped the jeep, Gelendvagen from a helicopter. To do this, the man went to the Karelian airport “Peski”, where his request agreed to perform for 250 thousand rubles. As a result, the external load of the helicopter attached the SUV, and then the car dropped to the ground from a height of 300 meters. The remains of the car subsequently collected the tractor and taken for scrap. It was noted that the blogger took the unusual act of a losing argument.