The Russians complained about the work of public transport in the regions

They conducted raids in 79 regions of Russia and interviewed more than five thousand Russians. About half of respondents (48%) said that public transport with large intervals, while 45% complained about old buses.

“the Work of public transport in the regions is causing people issues. We received feedback. Therefore, we decided to hold an all-Russian monitoring”, – said journalists the Deputy head of Executive Committee, member of the Central headquarters of the popular front Igor Kastyukevich.

there’s been several problems. Passengers complain about the inconvenient bus shelters or their complete absence, inability to pay the fare by credit card. Many cities have an outdated network. To reach the desired point people have to move several times, and is a waste of time and money.

Photo: Ilya Pitalev/RIA Novosti Public transport on March 8 will be free for residents of Moscow and Moscow region

of Course, don’t like passengers when drivers of minibuses speeding down the road to loud music, breaking rules, and communicate using obscene expressions. Another important problem is public transport it is impossible to go with a stroller, noticed Kastukevich. “We will raise this question”, – he promised.

the Work of public transport the residents of the regions was assessed on a five-point system. Onf rating. The worst was the Tyva Republic and the Tver oblast, where residents praised the work of public transport by less than two points. The outsiders, received a solid “unsatisfactory”, has also been found in Bryansk oblast, Altai Krai, Republic of Buryatia and Altai, Pskov oblast and several other regions.

the highest scores received the Republic of Adygea, Mordovia, and Sakhalin oblast. At the same time tariffs for journey in public transport company-nerevitcity constantly improve. That fee is too high and does not match the quality of services are sure 65% of the respondents.

Asked onf activists about the problems of drivers and conductors. They replied that to improve the quality of service interfere with low salary. From qualified drivers go, but the new footage features of passenger transportation, not know for their job.

it would be Possible to send the results obtained to the regions, but wished they showed interest in solving the identified problems, noted in front.

Photo: iStock Resident Perm did not wait for the bus and sued the reimbursement for a taxi

Representatives of some municipalities, however, have already begun to remedy the situation, says Kastukevich. For example, in Kamchatka, in Primorsky Krai, Tatarstan and other regions gathered a meeting of representatives of the relevant services and gave instructions. Began to update the route network, repair the bus shelters. There were even funds to upgrade the fleet.

to stimulate these initiatives, in the front decided to celebrate transport that meets the expectations of passengers with a special sign – “good transport”. It is a distinctive mark of quality, explained Kastukevich. The idea is already supported in the Saratov and Orenburg regions.

the Rating, of course, will make the passengers themselves. To check transport and attract experts of the popular front, various public organization with whom the popular front was cooperating.