In the midst of a pandemic, management companies were trying to reduce the amount of work in homes, citing the heightened danger to the health of employees. But after the easing of quarantine, the utility of a great zeal do not show — on the contrary, do not shun to break the law. Some are reluctant to spend sanitation of the entrances, others strive to charge the owners an additional invoice for the purchase of disinfectants, and others require the citizens of calibration or replacement of meters, the fourth “nightmare” of people on several points. Complaints of Russians was analysed by experts of the National centre of public control in the housing sector.

during the second quarter at the regional “hot lines” and foster has received more than 8 thousand cases. The first place confidently took the complaints about the unsatisfactory condition, maintenance and repair of apartment houses — of 16.8%.

“Pandemic mode and the isolation increased the flow of requests to the public reception, — says Executive Director of “housing Control” Svetlana Razvorotneva. — The new reality spawned from citizens and new issues that were not relevant previously, including those associated with cleaning of public areas during a pandemic. The concern is the decline in the quality of services and works. Sometimes residents doubted whether the workers carry out disinfection, were critical of the choice of decontamination drugs.”

Representatives of management companies and homeowners ‘ associations, in turn, actively appealed to the public reception. And demanded an explanation of why they do not allocate financing for the acquisition of antiseptics and remedies for employees. The last question was particularly relevant in April-may 2020. The staff of the governing organizations refused to work out of fear for their health. In some Russian cities houses and yards for weeks remained without basic cleaning (not to mention sanitation). “But the tariffs do not forget to increase”, — lamented the people.

it is not Surprising that the second place by a small margin went to the problems associated with payment of housing and communal services — 14.8% of the complaints. People are worried about granting of measures of social support, the ability to defer payment for housing without incurring penalties. Anyone interested will forgive the debt because of the loss of income and whether frozen utility tariffs. The Russians resented the attempts by governing organizations to expose additional accounts for the purchase of vehicles for sanitary treatment of the entrances.

Third place (12,3%) took a question about the order of conducting General meetings of owners. “You can say that the regime of isolation has fundamentally changed the attitude of owners to the possibility of online voting — continues Withvelana Razvorotneva. — Just at this period, the State Duma adopted amendments to the Housing code to facilitate the General meetings through online voting”.

In different regions there were complaints of apparent violations of managing and resource supplying organizations. For example, despite the government decision, a number of companies required consumers to install new and verification of existing metering devices. The owners of special accounts faced with the fact that the credit institution in which such accounts are required to provide solutions of General meetings of owners on the extension of powers of chairmen of the Board.

Which month do not give the Russians the rest of the problems associated with the introduction of new utility services for municipal solid waste management. Every thirtieth questioned the fairness of the procedure of calculating the fees for garbage collection and insists on the exclusion of the lines from payment receipt.

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