Found on the shelves of expired products buyers offer to pay half of the fine imposed on the outlet for such violation.

With the appropriate initiative was made by the Deputy of the lower house of the Russian Parliament Vasily Vlasov. My thoughts on this occasion the MP stated in a letter to the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. Excerpts of which leads the RT.

those Caught in the sale of food with expired shelf life eagle to pay a fine in the amount from 20 to 30 thousand rubles., says the Deputy. However, the buyer may receive compensation only through the courts, and that is symbolic.

“In this regard, I ask you to consider the feasibility of establishing a legal mechanism whereby a citizen who will reveal the fact of the offense (sale of expired food products) and report this to the regulatory authorities, will be able to rely upon the imposition of the fine to half its amount,” the message reads.