The Russians can simplify the grants on housing and communal services

Today to receive a subsidy, the person must not have public debt. Now it is proposed to consider only the debt generated over the past three years and confirmed by the court.

Moskalkova will ask the Cabinet not to disconnect debtors from the beneficiaries of housing services

As stated in the explanatory note to the draft normative act, from 1 January 2021 citizens will not provide to the authority documents or copies thereof that contain information about the presence or absence of debt on payment of premises and utilities. The body taking the decision on granting of grants will be on their own to request information about the presence of citizens of the confirmed entered into force court act, debt for housing.

at the same time from 1 January of the following year should come into force amendments to the Housing code of the Russian Federation. It follows that subsidies for payment of premises and utilities are available to citizens whose expenses under this article exceed the maximum permissible share of total family income.