The Russians can not leave the covered coronavirus Wuhan

a Resident of Wuhan city of Victoria Makutova in a live program “60 minutes” complained that he could not leave the epicenter of the coronavirus at the time, as other countries evacuated their citizens. Before the who announced the outbreak of the Chinese 2019 coronavirus-nCoV global emergency. But the residents of Wuhan forbidden to leave the city.

“Why the who is not forbidden for other countries to go? Yesterday left the French, the British, the Moroccans, even Bangladesh with its inhabitants evacuated. All were rapid test before boarding the plane. They are already in their countries sit on quarantine. Why are you holding us here?” — wonders of Victoria.

Wuhan City is closed on quarantine for an indefinite time, not work stations and the airport. “We are 24 hours a day trying to get through to the Embassy. They say that our Consulate is not personal aircraft, so now this problem is solved with Moscow”, — says a resident of Wuhan.

Victoria also spoke about the situation in the throes of cov city. According to her, food and water, grocery stores and pharmacies are working smoothly.

“We constantly buy the mask, this is no problem. The big question is how long the quarantine will last? Because of the wages that we are paid, will not last long. No one here is conducting rapid tests. Just recently we have a girl sick. Thank God that it was cold. For three days we tried to call an ambulance and to call the Embassy. Assistance to us had only our employers who helped to find volunteers. They contacted the ambulance. However, they said that while there are no available machines, it is necessary to wait,” the woman reported.

Leading the program “60 minutes” has promised to contact the Russian Embassy and report the problem. They hope that the situation will change. It is literally on the eve of the Chinese authorities reported that in Wuhan, was sent back 3 thousands of physicians.

the worldnye health organization declared the epidemic of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV in China international emergency. According to the latest figures the virus has killed 213 people, infected nearly 10 thousand. As stated by the head of the organization, the emergency mode will allow to draw international attention to the outbreak.