The Russians called the perfect amount for survival in the quarantine

it Became known how much money have the Russians for the absolute of happiness in the period of self-isolation. 80 thousand rubles monthly income enough to feel comfortable being quarantined. In zocoronline times less than the sum of 155 thousand rubles was considered insufficient for a full life. The survey was conducted by specialists of the portal to find work.

Another issue is that the required amount have no more than 3% of the population — so it was up to the current crisis. Others live in low-income or mired in debt. In the short term, the situation with income is unlikely to improve. After mass layoffs and unpaid leaves people physically will not be able to spend a lot that will strike a heavy blow to the Russian economy.

the Average citizen for a comfortable and happy life are 155 thousand rubles a month, and during the period of quarantine — a total of 80 thousand rubles, follows from the survey of service employment Superjob. Of course, this average picture. The specifics are different even depending on the sex of the person. For example, women require less money than men: that is 140 thousand (70 thousand rubles a period of quarantine) against a request on 170 thousand (90 thousand) from the stronger sex.

Nichego strange that people in isolation, you need less money there. Reduced spending on entertainment — all cinemas, parks, cafes and restaurants, on vacation, caring for each other. Even in clothes there is no need to spend money — not often, now you have to wear a suit or business dress. In fact, the expenditure budget of a person on isolation is now made up of food and personal care products.

Indeed, for a comfortable life in quarantine have less money than usual quiet time. However, the desired amount have no more than 3% of Russians said the expert of the Academy of management Finance and investments Aleksey Krichevskiy. He proposes to correlate the survey results with the data of Rosstat. “Rosstat has always believed “the average temperature in the hospital”, so data on average wages in 62 thousand before tax at the end of last year, trust is meaningless,” he said. According to the expert, today more than a million Russians have enough money for “beautiful” life and probably a number of these “lucky” will be reduced.

meanwhile, it became known as the Russians behave in a difficult financial circumstances and where they take the money. According to a survey conducted by the analytical center NAFI, most people prefer to borrow money from relatives and friends (49%). Many also turn to banks and microfinance institutions (13%). Simultaneously, a growing number of delinquencies on debts. People just have nothing to put out multiple personal loans. In March relative�� by February the share of overdue loans increased significantly to 22.5% of total borrowings. The relevant data are the National Bureau of credit histories. Analysts believe that in April the situation will continue to worsen.

In the coveted 80 thousand citizens include rent, utilities and other household expenses, emphasizes a leading analyst of the Forex Optimum Ivan kapustyasky. “Reducing the needs of people in the consumer sector, of course, negatively affect the economy as a whole. According to the IMF the collapse of the Russian economy will be 5.5%, while as the world is of the order of 3%”, — concludes the analyst.

According to the independent expert on personal investment Alena’s Lapitskaya, many businessmen are now unbearable to pull business and to pay rent without cash. “Many stand in the way of meditation — do not close it at all the whole enterprise, she said. — The economy in such conditions will shrink and the old level will not be back soon. It concerns the restaurant business, tourism, hotel business companies in these sectors just closed and even working remotely (restaurants and cafes) are not able to earn on rent and salaries to the employees.”

Losses in the consumer sector is a direct loss of us, of Russian consumers. If the situation with self-isolation and economic constraints are tight, the majority do not have dream and about 80 thousand a month.