The Russians called the guarantee of medical care, the most important amendment to the Constitution

In the second place the recognition of children as a priority direction of state policy and the mandatory provision to them of social support (93%).

Next, according to respondents, the initiative to protect the unique natural diversity of the country, guarantee the address net and indexation of social benefits, the annual indexation of pensions (for 92%).

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Approved order of the all-Russian voting on amendments to the Constitution

Many (91%) acknowledged the important amendment of the preservation and development of scientific potential of Russia. 90% said the clause establishing a minimum wage not less than the minimum subsistence level and of state responsibility for the protection of workers ‘ rights.

equally, the respondents allocate enshrined in the basic law, the protection of historical truth and position about the territorial integrity and indivisibility of Russia (89%).

Also, 86% of Russians said it is important to ensure the protection of digital information and personal data; for 85% of the respondents were talking about the responsible attitude towards animals and measures to maintain and strengthen international peace and security, peaceful coexistence of States and peoples.

the Amendments concerning restrictions for the officials in keeping the money abroad and the ban on foreign citizenship, allocates 81%; protection of the institution of marriage as the Union of a man and women 80%.

the priority of the Constitution over international law drew particular attention to 73%; for items of state responsibility for the protection of the rights of compatriots living abroad – 71%, the removal of restrictions for former or current President to participate in future presidential elections – 61%, the creation of a unified public system of power – 57%. In addition, 47% of Russians noted the importance of the amendments on expandingthe reconciliation of the powers of the Federation Council and the State Duma.