The Russians called the desired gifts on March 8

Jewelry want to obtain 41% of the respondents, cosmetics and fragrances – 40%. 31% of Russians will be happy to gift certificates. The gadgets are interesting only 16% of women.

Women will be free to visit the Museum of Victory on March 8th

Men plan to give women cosmetics and perfumes (43%), jewellery (26%) and gift certificates (22%). 11% of respondents will give household appliances or clothing and shoes 10% – gadget, 9% of the dishes. Only 6% of men think the best gift book, 4% intend to give the alcohol, and 2% is a start or an animal. 18% of respondents are willing to spend on a gift to one thousand rubles, 35% – from one thousand to three thousand roubles, 24% – from three to five thousand, and 11% – from five to ten thousand rubles.