Almost half (47 percent) of residents of the largest cities of Russia are looking forward to a second wave of the pandemic coronavirus to the end of this year. About 38 percent have begun to save money in case of a secondary mode of self-isolation. Such data are contained in the study by Wanta Group, writes owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

In that second wave will not be, believe only 27 percent. Another 14 percent believe that the epidemic is not divided into waves, and 11 percent of respondents were unable to answer.

most of the pending second wave are confident that it will come in September (20 percent) and in advance to prepare for it: take vitamins (37%), stocking antiseptics and masks (34 percent), looking for remote work (28 per cent). To save money tend primarily people aged 18 to 24 years (53%). Among those 45-55 years, means saving up only 26 percent.

Earlier it was reported that more wealthy Russians often want to save money, and then spend them. To such conclusion experts of the analytical center NAFI. However, the appropriate savings behavior show only 18 percent of citizens.