a Sharp increase in the number of people wishing to work as a freelancer one of the largest exchanges, commits since mid March. Experts attribute this to the deteriorating situation in the permanent employment market. Not all companies can transfer their employees to “udalenka” with pay. Some specialists were sent on indefinite unpaid leave or even reduced due to the closure of the business. All these people are now looking for design work.

the research Service of the Russian platform of online recruitment in March 2020 conducted a survey of applicants to determine how they relate to the freelance and the law on self-employed (special regime “tax on professional income”), whether job seekers-freelancers go to self-employment or have already moved. The survey was conducted in February among more than 4 thousand Russian applicants.

the Majority of respondents who completed the survey – hired workers, 15% were freelancers, a 5 – owners of their business, 7 percent – in the process of finding a first job. The highest proportion of freelancers among the interviewed users, recorded in the Stavropol region (27%) and in Omsk region (23%). Traditionally, most freelancers in the arts and media (49 percent), as well as in marketing, advertising and PR (40%).

Among the other respondents the proportion of those who also plans to move to freelancing 19 percent. 48 per cent do not exclude the possibility to switch to freelancing in 2021 or later. One in three do not going to switch to this format. Most of all, the proportion planning this year to go freelance – entrepreneurs (34 percent) from the regions of candidates in the Perm region (27 percent), and from field work among representatives of the arts and the media (30 percent). Such respondents are also asked about whether they take shape as self-employed in the case of the transition to freelancing? 41 percent answered in the affirmative. Most of these job seekers in the Moscow region (50 percent), in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals (60% of possible respondents plan to change activity in the transition to freelance, as these areas of activity are licensable) and security (53 percent).

“the Main reason for such high indices of irregularity of income, which is solved by building a relatively stable schedule. In addition, freelancing is often not the main place of work, and jobs, and aggregate income is higher. If to speak about world trends, employers increasingly prefer to engage freelance professionals who perform one-time or project – designers, photographers, couriers, etc. without reducing the cost of services. This format allows you to reduce costs in EgyptNDU office, equipment, etc. And employees of this format allows you to work on the result, not “from start to finish” to save work&lifebalance, independently controlling the schedule, avoid office stress,” says the head of the youth sector Irina Swatiska.

More than half of freelancers (56 percent) work without official registration. Almost every third Respondent-Director has indicated that he is self-employed. In regions where the law on self-employed valid from 2019, 40 percent of respondents and freelancers reported that they were registered as self-employed. 28 percent said the same in those regions where the law came into force early this year. Interestingly, in regions where this law is not yet available, 27 percent of respondents and freelancers reported that they work as self-employed, which means their provision of services to customers from regions where it is introduced.

Among respondents, freelancers are reporting that they don’t work in the format of the self-employed, plan to make self-employment 40 percent. The same be made not plan, another 20 percent were undecided. Interestingly, in regions where the self-employed to become officially more, the proportion planning to arrange self-employment is higher than in regions where it is already allowed – 46 percent versus 30 respectively. While in Moscow compared to St. Petersburg and Moscow oblast freelancers who are planning to move to self-employment, considerably less – 25 percent versus 41 and 36, respectively.

Held in April, a survey of the Analytical center NAFI showed that every third businessman send employees on unpaid leave, and every fifth had to lay off employees. The company’s areas of hotel and catering businesses have fired employees were significantly more likely (3 percent vs. 18 on average in other areas). More than half of respondents believe that in the next three months staff in their companies decrease, 29 percent say that the number of employees will not change.

“Since April we are seeing a growing number of registrants on our service performers – in April, their number increased by 42 percent in comparison with March, – told “RG” the representative of the online service Olga Cherniavsky. – Of course, this increase is associated with pandemic and crisis situation. Many people now left without work or have been forced to go on leave at own expense, so people are looking for opportunities for additional income. By the way, a similar trend we saw during the economic crisis 2014-2015. We expect that the number of job seekers and jobs in the future will only increase.”

If the first week of April, the most popular was the messenger position (when the increase was 73%) by the end of the month to the first position left category “Web-development” – in this category of performers on YouDo has increased by 71 percent. Also in April, the growth among Tutors and teachers was 66 percent among couriers – 65. 62 cent increase in the number of “virtual assistants” (working with text, transcript of audio, advertising and promotion on the Internet) and 60 professionals engaged in computer help (repair of computer hardware, installing operating systems, configuring wi-fi, etc.).

least of all new players registered in the category “Events and promotions” (24%) and “Repair and construction” (33 percent). However, in the repair category is steadily increasing the number of new masters for an hour (an increase of 51 percent), electricians (44) and plumbers (41%).

In “RG” was told that in Moscow before the quarantine went up a wave of registrations of professionals providing services online IT freelancers (marketing, copywriting, translation, programming, etc.), lawyers and accountants. Also increasingly began to register experts related to logistics – courier, cargo transportation and passenger transportation. Also very actively growing registration of psychologists.

“We see that demand for these services also shows growth – added to the – For specialists of the IT-freelance demand since the beginning of quarantine has increased in 2 times in comparison with last year by lawyers and accountants 1.2 times. The demand for psychologists shows an increase of 3.7 times since the announcement of quarantine.”

According to Olga Cherniavsky, many professionals who previously provided services only offline, adapted to current conditions and transferred its activities in the online format. Besides teaching and tutoring in video now training, fitness trainers, psychologists – advise clients remotely. There was even a fundamentally new service – an online baby and online master repair. The nanny can take the child on video while parents are busy with their chores, and the master is to help customer to cope with the problem independently advising and monitoring the repair process on video. Receive proposals from beauticians, stylists are also ready to consult online.

“Since the end of March we have seen a revival in the number of requests from clients for services of hairdressers and masters of manicure, but the response of workers to these orders below the normal – told – We have registered more than 170 thousand of masters of beauty, and a decrease in the activity of specialists in this category, most likely due to a desire to protect themselves during a pandemic”.

“Now, in the whole service, we see a reduction in the number of orders by 30 percent, – said Olga Cherniavsky. – This is due to a decrease in the solvency of people in crisis, �� also adhering to isolation. Demand is falling in traditionally offline categories of services: major repairs, cleaning, photographing, events and promotions. In the same category will be the smallest growth of new professionals.”

the demand for essential services for YouDo increases throughout the period, the number of orders for courier services in March rose more than 60 percent compared with the beginning of the year. The demand for minor household maintenance and repairs of equipment – people have more time to spend at home, the load on the equipment and in General households has increased. Continues to grow popularity teachers and Tutors: in April they began to turn on 40 percent more than in March.

Those looking for an extra source of income in this difficult time, can join the team freelance exchanges is very simple. The procedure of registration as contractor takes a few minutes. As told in the main step is checking the passports. After the specialist in profile mark appears on the “Passport checked.”