the Russians during the time of isolation began to buy less high-calorie pastries. This is evidenced by the data provided by the major grocery retailers. Nutritionists see this as a good sign – while sitting at home, and it’s easy to gain weight and get health problems, and abuse flour that only helps.

However, businesses have a different opinion: the reasons for this trend lie not in awakened Russians drawn to a healthy lifestyle, and in terms of quarantine. Buns and fresh bread products that are good to buy every day, literally for Breakfast, and now more and more people seek to minimize trips to the store. In addition, the isolation of many from idleness tried to bake bread and cakes yourself – and quite successfully.

According to the data provided by the largest retailers in the last week the demand for bread and cakes fell by 62% compared to the previous month. Pastries were ordered for 40% less. At the same time, dietary products have become more popular. For example, 210% – three times – the demand for bran. Almost 80% more likely to have ordered the bread.

Doctors call this trend is certainly positive: according to experts, it can be associated with a reduced physical load of Russians during the isolation and desire to stay in shape.

– Easy to remember that at the end of March, when just talking of isolation, many are most worried about the question: “How not to get fat in quarantine?”. Obviously, people decided to abandon the high-calorie flour products, believes Dr. Tatiana Charushin. – The trend seems to be very good, because the lack of exercise combined with lack of sunlight and poor diet is not the only potential problems with the figure, but diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the risk of diabetes, lesions on the skin.

However, there is another explanation is economic.

Although the jokes about buckwheat stocks already recognized as outdated, the fact remains that people tend not to go to the store where it is easy to get an infection. So try to buy the products long – term storage of meat, frozen vegetables, cereals and confectionery. Muffin this list not get. Who would think to buy buns for the days ahead?

the Alternative is shipping. Get a fresh baguette at home – the hedonism associated with novels about the daily lives of the French. However, in conditions of quarantine it may be the only way to survive for small businesses – the same bakery.

–My clients – the people of the next few houses away I don’t pimp products that is unprofitable. Yes, bring directly home to the people their orders, – says Alexander, owner of a small bakery near the metro station “CEwestopolis”. – There are a few people that are consistently ordered for Breakfast hot cross buns with cinnamon and raisins, baguettes. Also we make khachapuri, it is also very popular. However, the number of orders is still small, to be Honest, I’m thinking about getting a little to raise prices, or is it that we work entirely without benefit. But it’s nice to have regular customers.

there is another problem: in a pandemic, many have become very attentive to sterile products and to buy only what is in original packaging. It certainly wasn’t fresh rolls from the little bakery – you never know who and what hands they were grabbing when cooking, explain the Muscovites.

a popular method to protect yourself is to be steamed as bread or cakes in the oven (actively practiced this before Easter with regard to cakes) to destroy every virus… But then it defeats the purpose of buying freshly baked bread.

Meanwhile, the Muscovites have found a new way to solve the problem is bake bread yourself. Increasingly, in social networks, you can see publications about who and what new recipe I tried and made at home real ciabatta loaf or buns with cinnamon. Free time after a lot, and someone uses it that way.

– we Can say that this is my hobby. Yes, I like to bake bread, – says the 26-year-old Pauline. Always liked to watch as my grandmother did, and now she learned. Usually put the most common wheat, and now the time came, tried and rye, and bran.

For me it is a question of – is echoed by her 43-year-old Irina. We bought a bread machine and now use it almost every day. Packaged bread in the stores I don’t like tasteless. And in the stores now it is better to go less often. And about the loaves without packaging I’m not sure if they’re virus. So tonight I put hlebopechka, and in the morning we Breakfast on fresh bread.

So maybe the Russians have their own norm of carbohydrates and calories do not get in the store and bake it yourself.