The Russians began to be interested in abandoned houses in villages

In March 2020, Russia has seen a growing interest in abandoned private houses located in the villages. Citizens started to find out, in particular, how is it possible legally to take such objects, according to a study prepared by the portal together with the magazine “Country review”.

according to experts, buying and renting are not the only possible methods of acquiring real estate outside the metropolis. “In the spring of this year recorded the growth of interest in the question of how you can legally occupy abandoned houses in the villages. The increase in the number of queries on the subject have traditionally recorded twice a year: in March and September. This year, the number of requests and appeals made up 12.5 percent compared to March 2019”, the study says.

Experts suggest that to seize the “saposcol” in three main ways: acquisition by right of prescription (if honestly and openly to contain an object for 15 years or more) through legal heirs (to buy their house for a small fee), or purchase from local authorities (if the abandoned house became the property of the state).

“the Cost of making the property of an abandoned object in the village is likely to exceed the cost of buying a similar house ready for sale, — experts underline. There are many reasons, but the main is that the object will in any case have to buy. If local authorities, at the market price, and if the heirs will need to first invest. This deal is very risky.”

Earlier in March it was reported that the rates of rent suburban real estate in Russia in the near future to significantly increase their growth will contribute to a surge in demand for rental cottages that have occurred due to pandemic coronavirus and closing of borders in many countries.