Analytical service of the Rambler learned of the Russians, the head of the state they are waiting for the Victory parade the most.

41% of respondents allocate Alexander Lukashenko. The President of Belarus they will be glad to see among the invited guests.

26% of Russians said that the leader that they expect, not in the claimed list (in this list were submitted by the following States: Belarus, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Armenia).

23% of voters are happy to see the head of Serbia.

7% of participants – the head of Kazakhstan, as 3% of Russians were waiting for the President, but because of the situation in the Republic epidemiological situation he did attend the parade refused.

In the survey participated 6056 people.

Another state (not listed) 1600 26%

The representatives of Germany will not attend the Victory parade in Moscow. The Ambassador of Germany in Russia géza Andreas von Geir said

May 26, as reported by “the Rambler”, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has declared that the parades on the anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war will be held in cities across the country on June 24.

“I currently assume that the representatives of Germany (on parade. — Approx. ed.) will not” — said today the background of the Geir.

He noted that if he understands correctly, in 2020 Moscow Victory parade will be special because of the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19, special and circle of foreign guests. The diplomat stressed that while the German Embassy has not received accurate information about the participation of the representatives of Germany in the event.