In principle, these results are quite expected: the share of consumption of Russians on food in the family budget last April, rose to 46 %. Once quiet and modest, we noted this record. It is usually from the average citizen it is not more than 30 %, the rest is acquired by back-breaking toil of the funds invested in the implementation of other needs and projects.

Held by the holding ROMIR research might be to blame for inaccuracies. But all absolutely true. In comparison with March of this year (when the country was, sitting on the quarantine), the April purchases of food increased by 26 %. And if you compare with April 2019, at 46 %, i.e. increased 1.5 times.

what does that mean?

the First thing that comes to mind: we are better there and, therefore, it is better to live. Moreover, this simple idea we cram all day and night on television. Even in this period of self-isolation and forced leave the state is making tremendous efforts to stabilize the economic well-being of Russians. Allocates billions of funds and then, on the other, and a third.

But parallel to the creeps and the second option – and all for the same reason coronavirus. Two months we sunbathe without work, money is clearly not enough, that of the total budget and you have to pinch off a piece of food. It is known that love comes and goes, and always want to eat.

it is Clear that finances in the family budget was reduced, the share of food has increased. Why we somehow celebrate this record? To eat, we are no better and worse steel. According to international standards, the greater part of the total income a family spends on food, the lower its welfare. There are countries (and we know) where this percentage is 20 or less.

the study involved average populations that do not live on unemployment benefits or the minimum wage. If you take the other layers, which we call the socially disadvantaged and there, the overall picture would be even sadder.

the Current shaky financial situation of the country’s citizens could be attributed to the global crisis and low oil prices – no one argues with that. This does not happen to have not worked and received a salary of, at least, in full. Of course, worse began to live worse.

But what is interesting. In 2018, Rosstat published its own research on the nutrition of the population for the previous five years – from 2013 to 2018, the city Then was not universal quarantine, the country is economically developed and, judging by the cheerful reports, very successful.

Periodically, every 5 years, studies on dietary pattern of the population is carried out every country in the world to know: live better person or worse?

According to Rosstat revealedsmiling, for the five-year diet of Russians has become more modest in meat and ryboprodukt, vegetables and fruit by 25% on average. Although the proportion of procurement of products in the total family income was 30 %.

Today per capita are unlikely to have more core products that give us vitality and energy. But in our emaciated budget they began to take in 1.5 times more space.