From 1 August the Russians were once again available two former Grand Empire – Turkey and the United Kingdom, and one well is a very exotic country: Tanzania. However, if you believe the authorities, it is not so exotic: as explained by the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, “the number of people that were taken from Tanzania shows that this place is very popular.” Of course, to argue with the fact that Africa is an extremely scenic place, is not: what is bad to go on a Safari to admire the zebras and giraffes or take a dip in the clear ocean? Another issue is the availability not only of transport but also financial and organizational. If a weekend in London have long since become commonplace for the Moscow Beau Monde, Istanbul has gained immense popularity in recent years (and about Turkish resorts and say nothing!), Tanzania still raises questions – what is it all about, where is it, what is there to do?

well, let’s start in order. Tanzania is a country in East Africa. She has access to the ocean, from which the country is popular with snorkellers. For example, the island of Zanzibar (where they lived, if you believe the tale about doctor Aibolit, sick animals) has traditionally been considered one of the best places for diving. The best season in Tanzania are considered to be the months of July to October and also January and February – just the Christmas holidays, so the flights opened on time.

it is reported that recently the number of requests for tickets to Tanzania rose as much as 70 times: see, weary quarantine the people who have preserved income, ready to fly at least somewhere… Or, and this option cannot be ruled out! people were just wondering what kind of country is this where we are ready to release along with Turkey and Britain, and all climbed to watch the prices out of curiosity.

so, what do we see? August ticket prices in Dar-es-Salaam from Moscow (and back) start from 43 803 rubles – we are talking about flights with at least one change, for example, in Istanbul. By the way, if you choose a long (over 8 hours) transplanting the so-called stopover, you can at the same time and around Istanbul walk – in Turkey, the Russians are also ready to let from 1 August, so Balik-ekmek (fried mackerel) and fresh pomegranate juice on the waterfront of the Bosphorus is waiting for everyone.

In Zanzibar to fly more – from 47 950 rubles, and on Kilimanjaro – from 53 562 rubles.

as for the residence, a room in a luxury hotel – so, where tourists are sure to be protected from inappropriate national color – in Dar-es-Salaam will cost 14 thousand rubles per night for two. But the cheapest accommodation options bring Russian tourists thinking “no way!”: cheaper 1000 roubles. On the resort island of Zanzibar prices are reminiscent of those to which tourists previcki in the beach hotels of any country – from 4-5 to 7 thousand per day, you can find a room for two in a hotel with a pool and easy beach access. However, in most cases, be more profitable “package” tours.

– Previously, we have sent over 9 thousand people per year in Tanzania, so that the direction of do is in demand. In General, the resumption of flights I think good for all exotic destinations August – beginning of autumn-winter season, so that Tanzania will be in demand, – noted in conversation with the correspondent “MK” Dmitry Gorin, Vice-President of the Association of tour operators of Russia. – While Zanzibar remains there most popular resort, there are beautiful beaches with white sand, and our tour operators this direction is actively developing in recent years. The main thing is to provide direct Charter flights: the flight lasts 9 hours, a transfer flight is very tiring. The flight is already being planned. In addition, the “package” more profitable it will be worth about 70 thousand rubles per person with hotel, while the plane tickets themselves can cost anywhere from 50 to 150 thousand, depending on the date.

Gorin Also said that another well-known trend in Tanzania, climbing the Kilimanjaro is also popular, but in a different segment among individual travelers and group tours there is not too much in demand.

Indeed, the task of “climb Kilimanjaro” is often put in lists of “What you need to do before 30 (40, 50, 60 and below) years”, but the fact remains that the mountain really attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. However, there is no hotel choice: if you do decide to climb Kilimanjaro, most likely, you’ll sleep in sleeping bags – and it is unlikely that such holidays will seem a good alternative for those who dreamed about the Alpine meadows or the gardens of Andalusia. However, one could argue – an experience to remember!

– My experience as a traveler is mostly related to European countries. Well developed countries. Tanzania to them, of course, does not apply. My disgust there was inappropriate that I understood at once, and… scored. Africa reminded that we must be able to love the world not only in nice houses and Gothic cathedrals, smooth lawns and tidy people. The world is so different and this is so beautiful – describes in their social network experiences Muscovite Varvara Golubeva, who climbed Kilimanjaro in 24 years.

According to her, the main word of the recovery was “difficult,” moreover, is constantly required to take the pill then the nausea, then headache, then the pressure drops. Also, as Barbara describes in his travel diary, absolutely do not want is: does its job heat and continuous rise.

“the second Day. Mutota of the stomach is not otpuskait to the end, but the pulse is stabilized. Today, the transition from 2850 to 3850 (height above sea level – note the “MK”). I hope to acclimatize and that rise will. Sharply colder here, sitting in the jacket and in the pile of jackets. Already +5. Evening. Thoughts are a little off, it’s hard to make sudden movements – instant shortness of breath. But this is beautiful, and the clouds, – the girl writes in his travel diary. Then continues: – the fifth Day. On the move confused mind, want to lie down and sleep on the ground. Go hard, very dark, only the light from a flashlight is. Blowing in the wind, to breathe hard, the height is typed in, so slowly and time moves awfully slowly and thickly. Then the sun rises – remained like a little. We reach Stella point. This 5800 almost.”

that Sounds quite impressive… and really hard. So such mass tourism is not exactly call.