The Russian trawler was sunk in Estonian waters

15 miles to the North of the Peninsula Juminda in Estonian territorial waters sank the Russian fishing trawler “Ponggame” from Primorsk. The ship first went down steering, and on-Board equipment was de-energized. The trawler quickly sank beneath the water. But seven of the sailors gave a SOS signal with the coordinates of the incident and managed to move into the liferaft. The first on the scene arrived the tanker under the Liberian flag. The crew of the sunken trawler was adopted by its Board.

Two sailors Finnish ambulance helicopter was taken to the hospital Helsinki, five Estonian helicopter carried on inspection in the North-Estonian regional hospital (PERH). Life hospitalized in the Finnish capital is not in danger. Five Russian fishermen on the results of the examination in the Estonian hospital, hospitalization is not required, emphasizes the “Interfax”. They were transferred to the staff of the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Tallinn.

the Sailors lived in a hotel while the Consulate is involved in making them travel documents. The Russian Embassy expressed gratitude to the Estonian police and border guard Board Ministry of interior for helping in the rescue of Russian sailors.

the investigation into the crash of the Russian fishing trawler will hold the Department of waterways of Estonia.