The Russian section of the route from Europe to China would not be ready until 2027

the Creation of the Russian part of the international transport route “Europe — Western China” lagging behind for 7 years and will be completed no earlier than 2027. This is stated in the report of the accounting chamber on the audit of efficiency of budgetary funds expenditure on the route in 2019.

however, the auditors specify that part of the route on the territory of Russia will be built, writes TASS. However, its proper functioning will not be possible until completion in 2027 in the area, “Volodymyr — Kanash”. This road is located in the centre of the international transport route and creates the effect of a bottleneck.

As reported STRC “Orenburg”, the chamber recalled that the establishment of the international transport route from Europe to China according to the contract signed in 2014 with the agreement of the governments of the member States of the SCO was supposed to end in 2020. On the territory of Russia transport corridor should go from St. Petersburg through Orenburg to Sugarcane on the border with Kazakhstan. But the route included highway M-11 “Moscow — St.-Petersburg” under construction ring road and the future new highway “Moscow — Kazan”.

Text: GTRK “Orenburg”