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the Russian musicians joined the chorus of professional associations, speaking in support of anti-fascists convicted in a criminal case a “terrorist organization “Network”*. An open letter to the musicians published a “Bill”.

the authors of the letter stress that can no longer shun politics. “Musicians in Russia were often accused of political apathy, the unwillingness to direct statement. It used to be, it should not be, – said in a statement. For 18 years it is possible to record 18 albums, win all the awards, to sing hundreds of songs to write thousands of texts. And you can do nothing – because you’re sitting in prison, with the trial with unclear evidence of guilt after torture.”

the authors of the letter insist on the need to reconsider the sentence the convicted and thoroughly verify the information about their torture. The letter was signed by musicians, groups, Dolphin, Caste, Waste paper, Shame, Loqiemean, Anacondaz, IC3PEAK, “Porn”, “red banner division behalf of my grandmother,” and many others.

Earlier similar letters in support of the defendants in the case “Network”* were made by writers and publicists, gallery owners and artists, the experts, theatre critics, publishers, IT specialists, doctors, architects and urbanists, multipliers, teachers, students, filmmakers, psychologists, lawyers.

First in support of the convicted were made by Russian scientists and scientific journalists. “We demand to immediately repeal the verdict on “Network”*, with senseless cruelty, smashing the fate of our fellow citizens. We demand to investigate the circumstances of the fabrication of the case, punish the involvedx to him of officers and ensure strict compliance with the law by all military and law enforcement agencies. Terror against its own citizens is incompatible with the normal development of our country and detrimental to its science, culture and education,” reads the petition, signed by more than three thousand representatives of this creative profession.

to Reverse the trend of consolidation is the most active part of society in response to the arbitrariness of law-enforcement and judicial system could not even scandalous publication of news Meduza, in which some of the defendants in the case “Network” was credited with a double murder. According to one version, the basis of this article lay the stuffing on the part of security forces, designed to discredit and convicted the other defendants.

February 10 Penza court sentenced the accused in the case “terrorist community “Network”*. Dmitry Pchelintsev was sentenced to 18 years in a penal colony, Ilya Sikorski to 16 years in prison, Andrey Chernov was sentenced to 14 years in prison, Maxim Ivankin received 13 years in prison. Mikhail Kulkov, Basil Kuksov and Arman Sagynbaev sentenced to 10, 9 and 6 years imprisonment respectively.

As claimed by the prosecution, no later than may 2015 27-year-old defendant in the case, Dmitry Pchelintsev decided to join anarchists of different cities – Penza, St. Petersburg and Moscow – in the “battle groups” for attacks on security forces, attacks on government, military and branch of “United Russia”. According to the FSB, activists gathered during presidential elections and the world Cup with explosions “rocking the masses to further destabilize the political situation in the country”, and when will come “hour H”, to raise an armed rebellion.

the Result assures that the Penza anarchists participated “in the field outputs of the terrorist community” – went on exercise in the woods, abandoned the camp and the plant near Penza. According to the indictment, betweenfrom them were assigned the role of tactics, scout, sapper, signalman and doctor.

During searches of the defendants in the case found a hunting rifle, traumatic pistols and grenades. Relatives of anti-fascists said that the gun was planted.

the Defendants confessed, but later withdrew them, claiming torture. Of violence and use of current security officials reported the defendants Victor Filinkov, Dmitry Pchelintsev, Ilya Sikorski, Arman sagimbaev and Andrey Chernov. Five witnesses told of torture and pressure by the security forces, while the Investigative Committee opened a case on any statement of the accused about torture.

With pressure from the security forces faced not only the defendants and their families, but activists have accused. Immediately after the verdict in Penza was arrested and beaten those who came from Moscow to the sentencing.

*”network” – a group recognized as terrorist by the decision of the Moscow district military court on 17 January 2019 banned in Russia.