The Russian military is disinfected 10 medical facilities in Serbia

BELGRADE, April 15 – RIA Novosti. Experts from Russia divisions of radiation, chemical and biological defense held the disinfection of ten medical facilities of Serbia, said the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

it is Noted that the joint work was developed concept of disinfection measures at the facilities of the Ministry of health on the whole territory of Serbia and identified key institutions, which is primarily required consultations of the Russian experts and sanitize.

in addition, military physicians held consultations with the Serbian colleagues in a military hospital and clinical centre of Kragujevac, the gerontological centre of Niš, the health center and the hospital of the settlement of Zajecar. Russian specialists conducted an assessment and analysis of the epidemiological situation and give advice on measures anti-epidemic regime.

it is Reported that the Russian doctors examined and provided recommendations on tactics of treatment of 25 patients with suspected coronavirus in the Metropolitan hospital “Zemun”. The Director of the clinical center “Zemun” Professor Dragos Stojanovic noted the high level of cooperation with Russian specialists.

of All Russian specialists carried out disinfection of the 29 facilities in 7 cities of Serbia. In addition, processed more than 80 buildings with a total area of over 460 thousand square meters. Military doctors have examined and participated in the treatment of 266 patients with suspected coronavirus.

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