The Russian government has canceled more than 3.6 thousand acts of the USSR

In Russia end 3621 of the act of the Union and their separate provisions, in force since 1923, according to a government decree.

“Decree are hereby repealed adopted in the period from 1923 to 1991 3621 act of the Union and their separate provisions containing outdated or regulation having the status “active”, — reported the government.

the documents published on the government website.

These documents have not been applied in practice. “This decision will streamline and systematize legislation to ensure uniformity in law enforcement practice,” — said in the government.

This is the second stage of the abolition of obsolete documents. Previously, the government issued a decree on the recognition of February 1, 2020 void 1259 acts of the RSFSR and the Russian Federation and their separate provisions within the “regulatory guillotine”.

Outdated regulations sometimes contradict and create difficult conditions for the government and the economy. The decision to terminate them was made in the framework of the “regulatory guillotine”.