the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia drew attention to the double standards of the US authorities on the background of what is happening in the country mass demonstrations against racism and police action. A statement published on the official website of the Russian foreign Ministry in Facebook.

“For decades, Washington has indicated to other countries how they should behave in the case of mass riots, – says the publication of the foreign Ministry. – Abusing demands “respect for fundamental human rights,” the United States is often fomented an internal conflict in a sovereign state”.

the publication provides many examples of how the us government encouraged the riots in different countries, supporting street protests and armed uprisings. However, as soon as talking about their own country, the rhetoric of the American authorities has changed dramatically, the report says.

In particular, given the statements of the President of the United States Donald trump in his microblog on Twitter on June 2, where he threatened to use the military and national guard to suppress the power of speeches, the protesters

In conclusion, the Russian foreign Ministry recommends that Washington “to remember their own advice on compliance of human rights and finally put them into practice in their own country, joining with protesters in a peaceful civilized dialogue”.