The Russian foreign Ministry has sent a protest note to France for refusing to take a cruise liner

Russia sent France a protest note because of the situation with cruise ship Costa Pacifica. On Board 35 Russians and four Belarusian citizens, which is the third week not allowed to go ashore. The ship on 3 March from Buenos Aires went to Barcelona. Spain did not allow the liner to enter the port because of an outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 on its territory, after which the ship went to Marseille. However, local authorities have not allowed foreign tourists to leave the ship. This is despite the fact that none of the passengers coronavirus undiagnosed. Moscow has urged Paris to go and people to meet as soon as possible to resolve the situation, reports channel “Russia 24”.

Tourists from the cruise ship had to come down on 21 March in Barcelona, on solid ground. From Barcelona from Barcelona airport, many had booked tickets to Moscow and other Russian cities. 19 Mar Costa Pacifica made it to Marseille. The crew informed that the ship should change the route for disembarking in Genoa. This considerably complicates the sending of Russians to their Homeland.

Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that people are on Board without leaving the ship from March 9.

the French foreign Ministry in response said that the citizens of France and the EU can together with spouses and children to arrive on the national territory, to return home. But for people from other countries, it is impossible within the next 30 days, although there is no ban on their departure from the national territory.

And now the Russian foreign Ministry trying to help hundreds of Russian tourists who were held hostage coronavirus in other countries. After talks with Russian diplomats on the Spanish island of Tenerife was able to resolve the issue of resettlement of Russians at the hotels.

the Number of infections with the novel coronavirus amounted to 244 523, from the resulting illness, died 10 thousand to 30 people. With more than 86 thousand cases recovered.