The Russian foreign Ministry has put the EU's three conditions

To improve relations with Russia, the EU and NATO should change its policy towards Moscow, as well as a systematic approach to dialogue, said the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Grushko on the sidelines of the Munich security conference.

He cited three essential conditions for the implementation of which this task can be successfully solved. Firstly, according to Grushko, the EU should develop a more specific strategy for building interaction with the Russian side.

second, NATO should abandon attempts to involve Moscow in the security system during the cold war, and to stop focusing on the policy of containment, said a senior Russian diplomat.

According to him, the military capacity of the Alliance in Eastern Europe — senseless expenditure of funds, since the real risk in this region.

the Third condition, he said, is the independence of European countries in the development of dialogue with Moscow. Grushko called on EU member States to reconsider their approaches to this issue, and not look to the United States.

Russian Deputy foreign Minister said that discussions at the conference in Munich given to understand that the creation of a global security system without Russia’s participation is futile. “More and more people realize that security without Russia can not be, but security against Russia will not work, and so we need somehow to find ways of cooperation”, — said Grushko, quoted by RBC.