Diplomats noted that drew attention to the regular information fake, launched to the media the U.S. intelligence community about the alleged involvement of the Russian military intelligence ordered the killing of US troops in Afghanistan.

“This simple stuffing is illustrative of the low intellectual abilities of promoters from American intelligence, which is the invention of something more reliable you have to come up with such nonsense. However, what else can you expect from intelligence, which failed miserably 20-year war in Afghanistan,” – said the Minister.

the Russian side pointed to the involvement of US intelligence to drug trafficking in Afghanistan, cash payments to the militants during the transport passage of caravans, the kickbacks from contracts for execution of various projects, paid by us taxpayers.

the Russian foreign Ministry believe that the stuffing information is connected with the intelligence services in the United States do not like the cooperation between Russian and American diplomats to launch peace talks between Kabul and the Taliban, “Their feelings are understandable – don’t want to lose the above mentioned sources of the “left incomes”,- said the Russian foreign Ministry.