The Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic responded to the fake Russian secret services

“Drew attention for appearing in the Czech edition of “Respect” an article in which the Russian side is actually accused of preparation of attempt at the Prague municipal politicians. The Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic categorically rejects such scandalous and false insinuations”, said the Embassy hosted online Facebook.

the Russian diplomatic mission noted that the information contained in the publication speculation “have absolutely no Foundation”. The Embassy is convinced that this material is a continuation of the intensified in the Czech Republic the last days of an information campaign aimed at discrediting Russia and the imposition of its hostile image of the Czech public.

“Such primitive provocative propaganda techniques that are contrary to basic journalistic ethics, cannot cause anything but disgust. Expected that these shameful publication will be given in the Czech Republic the corresponding estimate,” said the Embassy. In addition, the Embassy said that he sent a note to the Czech foreign Ministry stating the inadmissibility of the ongoing baseless attacks on Russia and its diplomatic mission in Prague.