In recent years, the Alliance further strengthens military cooperation with Ukraine, a NATO fleet for quite feel at ease in the Black sea, the article says the”Military-industrial courier”. The authors believe that it is not necessary to close eyes to this close interaction.

the Newspaper reminds that the military doctrine of Ukraine is based on the protection of the “Russian aggression”, so ignore the strengthening of military ties with NATO Kiev should not be. It is, in particular, on the construction of military bases on the black sea coast and the participation of Ukrainian military maneuvers with the countries of the Alliance.

the publication expresses concern that “the Crimea does not give complete control” over the Western part of the black sea basin. In particular, Sevastopol “is in the range of dagger strike” with cruise missiles “Neptune” from the roadstead of Odessa.

in addition, the article States, the Crimean fleet “is quite vulnerable to combat swimmers, capable of supplying charges to vintorogie group of ships”.

In June, design Bureau “Luch” has released a video of the test of the Ukrainian anti-ship cruise missile complex “Neptune”. After that, the commander of the Ukrainian Navy rear Admiral Alex Neiipp said that the missile’s range would allow her to reach the outskirts of Sevastopol. They say, “there and look.”

However, military expert, head of Department, Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Evseev believes that the Ukrainian military to brag about nothing. According to him, such a subsonic missile like “Neptune” is easy to hit the army air defense assets.

If the Ukrainian leadership decides to strike from any available military means, Russia interception of missiles is not limited. “It’ll just kill the launcher. And not only them,” – said Yevseyev in an interview with “MK”.