“This is the problem today, – told in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” the head of the Supervisory Board of Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services Sergei Stepashin. – The majority of tenants are ready to leave emergency houses, and one or two families who say, “We will not go!”. Now for such situations is preparing amendments to the law”.

If two-thirds of residents vote at the General meeting for relocation, for everyone else this decision will be binding. “And now, like Stepashin, the decision is made by the court. But this is a very difficult procedure. And for a long time.”

Another problem is with the very concept of “emergency housing”. For example, in Astrakhan, a lot of houses that are not technically an emergency, but to live in them have long been hard. And in Yakutsk are whole blocks of old wooden two-storey buildings, which are not subject to demolition by the “emergency program” because they are not an emergency. But it is a barracks with no indoor plumbing, where it is impossible to live!

“For me is actually today the biggest problem. We still share: a separate housing, separately emergency. It’s time to stop hiding your head in the sand like ostriches, not noticing that in the old houses to live. XXI century in the yard! Old – this is an emergency shelter. There is nothing to divide them. Should help the regions to get rid of this junk”.

full interview with Sergei Stepashin read in the nearest number “RG-Week”.