MOSCOW, may 18 – RIA Novosti, Dmitry Mayorov. Rouble in the evening grew steadily against the dollar after oil quotations. The dollar calculations “tomorrow” at 21.54 MSK decreased by 81 kopecks, to 72,77 of the ruble. The Euro fell 17 cents to $ 79,45 of the ruble, according to data from the Moscow exchange.

Earlier on Monday, the dollar was reduced to 72,57 of the ruble is the lowest figure since March 13, the Euro fell to 78.72 ruble — the lowest since March 6.

the Russian currency during trading on Monday, steadily grew amid strengthened global demand for risky assets, but the main impetus came from the oil market, which for the day and evening added seven percent.

Traders estimate the possibility of recovery of demand for black gold by weakening the previously imposed quarantine restrictions in different countries in connection with the coronavirus. Expectations of a recovery in demand also supports the decline in oil production by OPEC countries+ within reached in April, agreement, and termination of growth stocks in the United States.

details of the new transaction.

on Tuesday, the ruble will fluctuate within the range of 72.5−73.5 per rubles per dollar, says Anton Pokatovich from the company “BCS Premier”.

According to him, the volatility in the oil market may rise this week as investors fear a repetition of the situation with the may WTI futures, when prices were pulled into the negative zone.

As noted by Valery Emelyanov of the company “freedom Finance”, the American currency has failed to hold above 73 rubles, and in some minutes comes close to the mark of 72.5, .

“the immediate aim of dollar decline 72 rubles. If the Russian currency will be able to push this threshold, then we can see to 71.4 ruble per dollar. It can happen in the course of this week and probably will happen more smoothly than today,” he said.