As emphasized in the Federal notarial chamber, the service is universal and can be applied for various credit institutions. What’s more, it allows determine the presence of a deceased person depersonalized metal accounts, custody accounts, safe Deposit boxes and other products of the credit institution. “That is the risk that some portion of inherited property will remain undetected, it will now be much less,” emphasize the PNP.

No matter the person left a will or not. All he left behind, should be divided. If the person has recorded his last will, that’s good. If not, the property will be divided according to the law. But often the main problem becomes to find the property.

the Man did not warn relatives that the money is hidden in the cell so-and-so Bank, opened the metal account of silver or palladium, etc. Even list it in the conventional accounts do not. How to be? Look for all this accounts for the notary. Now the search significantly easier.

“the New digital services of the notary making the process of digitalization is not only convenient, but protected, – said the President of the Federal notary chamber Konstantin Korsik. – They guarantee the preservation of notarial secrecy, the protection of the rights of citizens, provide people with new opportunities, save their time and money. In this part of the successful cooperation of notaries and banks, as we see in this example, is a very important factor for the stability of civil turnover”.

the Answer from the Bank can be obtained for several hours after treatment of a notary. Thus, the notary will be able to obtain the most accurate and complete information on the composition of the hereditary mass for the designated law six months, and the process of registration of documents for the heirs will not last for months or years.

“In the future, it is expected to connect to the service an increasing number of credit institutions, – emphasized in the Federal notarial chamber. An electronic version of interaction of notaries with the banks has established itself as the most rapid and effective way of obtaining reliable and relevant information about deposits and accounts of the testator. Alternative request – mail does not guarantee timely receipt of the letter by the addressee, and sometimes even leads to loss of emails due to which the process of establishing the hereditary mass is delayed indefinitely”.

The more inefficient paper documents turns out to be unknown even when the approximate list of banks where you could store the funds of the testator. “Today the country has over four hundred credit organizations, and sending letters to each of them – the pain��nd the volume of the work, occupying a lot of time and requires, including significant financial costs,” says the notary.

Another important detail: the notary can also obtain information about the debts of the deceased. Because debts are also inherited. If the dead man hanging a few credits, the heirs should be timely to know about this. Here too, there are nuances. As explained “RG” the lawyers, the heir liable for the loans within the limits of the inheritance. That is, strictly speaking, it doesn’t take more than he received. In practice, however, the heirs can pay. Not everyone is well versed in legal subtleties, are not always able to defend their rights. So if on account of the late 200 thousand rubles, and the loan he needs to pay a million, perhaps, it is better not to enter into the inheritance, then the heir’s debts will not go.

by the Way, the portal will be a new superservis: “the Loss of a loved one.” In a tragic situation, the citizen will be able to make an appointment with the notary and generally faster to solve the issues related to probate.