The ruble and stocks more expensive quickly after the actions of the authorities and the Central Bank

the Russian Government and the Central Bank instilled confidence in investors: the ruble after the collapse of the eve and this morning proceeded to strengthen by 12:00 Moscow time and Russian equities rose sharply.

the dollar depreciates in Masuria: if the course of the evening and in the morning reached 82., that is currently trading at 79.5 per RUB Depreciates and the Euro at almost 90. the Euro fell below 87 RUB and RUB is trading around 86,3, according to trading 12:00 GMT.

Moved to growth and stock indices. If today, March 19, at the opening of trading of the Moscow exchange market was falling by 1-3%, then after 2 hours the Russian stock market is already growing by 5%.

the Index of Masuri, reflecting the ruble value of the shares increased by 5%, and the RTS index, the dollar value of shares rose by 5.5%.

crude oil Prices on world markets are growing at 8-9%, but remain prohibitively low below $30 per barrel.

Centerbank, the Ministry of Finance and the government today announced a coordination of efforts to reduce volatility in the financial markets: increased sales of foreign currency, the business will get new support — granted a deferral of insurance premiums and lease payments for small and medium-sized businesses. The government strengthened control and compliance with quarantine: the doctors get a fee for enhanced mode, and the Russians are given the opportunity to stay home and get paid sick leave in case of illness.