The Rover for the Mars 2020 mission received the name thanks to seventh graders

the Rover for the Mars 2020 mission was named Perseverance (Perseverance). These are the results of the competition conducted by NASA. This name is proposed by the seventh graders from the United States by Alexander Mather (Alexander Mather).

Recall that the contest to Name the Rover (“Rover Name”) was conducted among American students. The disciples sent the jury of their proposals and essays in which they justify their choice.

In the competition conducted by NASA, defeated the proposal of Alexander Mather.Photo By Joseph Rebello.

4700 of experts reviewed 28 applications and selected nine finalists. Favorite of these nine were chosen by open vote on the Internet, which was open to anyone from any country. There were more than 770 thousand votes, and I won the proposal of Mather.

By the way, all the Mars Rovers launched by NASA in 1997, was named due to the competition among American schoolchildren.

Text: To.Science