For the development of tourism will introduce benefits. “For example, we are talking about the broad application of investment tax deduction for development of tourism infrastructure”, – told “RG” the President of “OPORA Russia” Alexander Kalinin, participating in working group meetings. Taxes for objects of tourism and sports needs to be significantly lower, it is proposed to reduce VAT. “In terms of this measure is, I hope it will remain,” – said Kalinin.

In Europe, and in Turkey of VAT for the tourism industry is reduced. Consequently, foreign tourism product attracts Russians. Domestic tourism to compete with him on equal terms, will have to try. “Tourism in Russia for a long time was seen as some Amateur. River, tent and backpack behind. And in fact, it is huge and has not yet been developed we have a layer of economic and social sphere”, – said Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazan. For the development of this formation is the time?

While the domestic tourism we did not pay attention, the Russians beat a path abroad and, having seen comfortable hotels, clean beaches, animation reached a new level of perception. Russian tourism had to hurry to catch up. We have modern hotels and Spa-complexes, even “all inclusive”. But that industry has become really profitable, we need serious investments.

In the regions there are many projects where you want to create trails, somewhere to hold the power or to build sewers, but no funds, says Kalinin. “The project will help to start large-scale investment in tourist infrastructure,” he says. While the annual volume of investments is estimated at 80 billion rubles. The government invested in the development of tourism before. The program for 2011-2016 was first laid 96 billion. Then due to difficulties with filling the budget, the total amount decreased to 23 billion rubles, said the Ryazan. However, even the money given effect. On each rouble of public funds was invested three rubles of private investment. “But most importantly, domestic tourism has become a real competitor exit,” says the Senator. It is important not to lose the acceleration.

Now, when overseas destinations are closed due to pandemic, it would seem, to develop domestic tourism is very simple. However, the result may not be those that were calculated. Because of excess demand over supply within the country can theoretically appreciate. Then supporters of a foreign holiday just wait for open borders. Tour operators, by the way, being sold overseas tours for the second half of the summer. Popular are Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Bulgaria, told “RG” in the company TEZ Tour.

That the Russians still have more to travel around the country, n��can provide them with a comfortable stay and stimulate effective demand. Abroad, particularly in Germany, widespread subsidies tours, says Kalinin. This mechanism could be applied in Russia, he adds.