they are noisy, expensive and politically incorrect. The Ferrari 599 GTB (620 HP), Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560 (560 HP) and the Maserati GTS (440 HP). With you living you can quarters a user, buddies in the output impress, boys dreams come true. Many of the Young sit behind the wheel of the cars, which cost several hundred thousand Swiss francs. And some wonder why the Money is enough only for a half-fare travelcard.

But the Italian Asphalt floors can be by the hour or day to rent. The company Enjoy Your Dream (EYD) in Sirnach TG enticed with extra low prices. The Lamborghini (original price over 200’000 Swiss francs) and gave it to 1699 francs for the whole weekend, and often cheaper. Other landlords ask at least Twice.

More than 50 creditors

But in the case of EYD countless customers get back their deposits never, 1000 to 2000 CHF per rental. The company is now bankrupt. The bankruptcy does now reveal machinations, the investors are ruined, friendships destroyed and the Zurich Prosecutor’s office to deal with. The opened proceedings for economic offences, deprivation of liberty and threats. To is not a conviction it came, however, – the presumption of innocence applies.

More than 50 creditors, request in accordance with the debt enforcement register, a total of 2.7 million Swiss francs of the company’s founder, David P.* – this is probably only the tip of the iceberg. Because others have given up the hope of ever paying back or put on the methods of shady debt collectors.

most of The creditors with which the “observer” language, granted the 32-year-old David P. private loans. They also received collateral: the sports car of his company. Some vehicles do not put David P. multiple times as collateral and sold them too, although they belonged to him. But also in the bankruptcy of his company, the expensive cars do not appear. The concern of the creditors. In fact, private owners provided the vehicles are often available for rental. In accordance with the vehicle ownership was prohibited cards even explicitly.

a Villa

tied up Several cars included, according to company insiders, the Eastern Swiss young millionaire Nidal B.*. The 22-year-old heritage made repeated headlines (VIEW reported). Three years ago, he was convicted in Germany because he was flaring his Ferrari in front of a brothel, an attempted insurance fraud. Last summer he sat in custody because he is said to have held several people in his Villa caught and tied up – among them, David P., The Prosecutor’s office determined because of the deprivation of liberty and coercion.

This article was taken from the magazine “observer”. More exciting articles, you

Some of the Injured have a certain understanding for the action: “I doubt that the debt enforcement office, the assets of David P. will in time secure. I’m thinking my exposures to foreign debt collectors to assign. Perhaps the more,” says a ruined business man, waiting for the redemption of 50’000 Swiss francs.

In desperation, a strong need for vengeance mixed in sometimes. In a Letter to the child and adult protection authority (Kesb) is requested by an anonymous Person to the foreign placement of the children of David P. they were due to the machinations of the father.

In the collapsing universe of the dazzling David P. the car rental is only a star. With an Online Casino, Bitcoin transactions or the purchase of jewelry from bankruptcies, he appears also to investors and lenders. “In 2013, he told me about the project” says an Investor. Nomen est omen: The Casino based in Malta has gone up today never online.

Many of the victims are not Lamborghini lovers. David P. recruited you in a completely different scene: “Töggelern”. He is adorned with a current world champion title in the double-table footballer. How he managed to win the world’s best players, Belgian Frédéric Collignon, as a Partner, poses in the scene questions.

all of This is overshadowed by the immense sums of money, the other players, David P. granted as a loan, and never returned. How has he managed to pull the game to colleagues on the table? “He knows exactly what buttons he needs to press in order to gain first the trust and then the money of a counterpart,” says one, entrusted to him 60’000 Swiss francs. “After he had received 10’000 Swiss francs from me, he took on a joint trip all costs. I took him as a very generous true – and hidden completely, that all my money was paid,” says a Töggeler. “So engaging it can be to start, so indifferent is it to him if he ruined later on existence”, criticized a other Affected, the granted him a six-figure amount as a loan. As a safety, he also received a sports car. One that has been repeatedly pledged to various creditors.

new company

founded Several Bruised requested by the President of the table soccer Association of the exclusion of David P. More tragedies should be prevented. Done nothing so far. “We can’t exclude a player simply exclude, because there is a case against him. It is, in principle, to private Affairs. We are currently reviewing but our legal options,” said Association President Bernard Sallin. You should have at least against dubious loan requests to players to warn, an Injured party.

The collapse of Enjoy Your Dream David P. holds of new shops. Two companies he has founded since the bankruptcy in the spring: a life style clinic GmbH and a Helveticum real estate AG. Also the mesh with the loan. In may, he suffered from a Töggeler 50’000 Swiss francs. As a safety, a Porsche Cayenne, the life style clinic offered – plus the fleet of the EYD. That rental company, about two months before the bankruptcy was opened. The observer asked David P. multiple comments without answers. At Christmas, he set up a Meeting for February.

*the Name has been changed