“taking into account the recommendations of the CPS proposed a three-stage plan to lift the restrictions imposed in connection with the changing situation with coronavirus infection COVID-19, with the separation requirements to passengers and crew,” the document says.

In particular, the first step would be to carry out when you Board a contactless thermometry. “Passengers with a body temperature of 37.5 or more are not allowed on Board”, – stated in the document.

the measure the Federal air transport Agency offers to save and for the second phase. On the third non-contact thermometry of the passengers when entering the Board the Agency believes it prudent to cancel.

“the Draft guidelines includes a complex of organizational and preventive measures in airports and for airlines. Also offers preventive measures for aircraft crews of civil aviation and air passengers,” said the Federal air transport Agency.

While the Agency proposes the airlines to review the draft recommendations until may 18 to submit its comments.