the City leases non-basement commercial premises with an area of 30.5 square meters. It is in Staromonetny lane, in the object of cultural heritage “the Main house urban estate, 1819-1822 years.” The building is located near the metro station “Tretyakov.” The tenant will be determined at public auction. The winner will get a room for 10 years.

the Building does not require restoration, but the prospective tenant will be responsible for the safety of the premises transferred to him. It can accommodate administrative, cultural, sports facility or warehouse, educational organization or public service company.

a bidder can be any legal or physical person, including individual entrepreneur. Applications will be accepted until September 18. Auction will be held on September 24. Their organizer of the Moscow Department for competition policy.

to Learn technical characteristics of all the rooms, on auction, on the investment portal of Moscow.

In 2020 in the Central administrative district rent was handed over 15 of non-residential premises while competing in an average of three or four members on the lot.