announced As the Pharma group on Tuesday, is the deadline to 14. June 2019 extended. Prior to that, he still had the 3. June called. Announced by Roche in the transaction by the end of February.

To the actual terms and conditions of the offer, but I have changed nothing, it was said in the message. Roche continues to offer 114,00 US dollars per Spark share. The purchase price is around 4.3 billion dollars – for a company that made last year a turnover of 65 million dollars.

Roche will take up a lot of money in the Hand, because you would then become, at a stroke, one of the leading companies in the promising area of gene therapy. Spark is one of the pioneers in this area.

in Addition, Spark has a novel gene therapy for the treatment of blood disease (haemophilia A) in the Pipeline that may soon be coming to the market. With the medium-Hemlibra Roche is already one of the leading companies in the field of hemophilia, but with the purchase of Spark is a top spot for the race for future forms of therapy.

But Roche wafted towards soon, a strong Wind from the part of investors. Multiple Spark-shareholders torpedoed with a submission to a US court the transaction. You threw a Spark, to have the important information.

According to the lawsuits, it was not understandable, whether the price offered was “fair”. The Management of Spark had recommended to its shareholders in the context of the takeover offer from Roche at the end of February. Spark was obliged, according to the US law, to justify to its shareholders in a letter of recommendation, which is why the offer from Roche to rate the company properly.

In this Letter, Spark have also made partial, incomplete, or misleading information to subjects, such as financial forecasts, complained of the plaintiff. They requested that this be disclosed.

Roche promised then, the so-called “Premerger”-documentation to re-submit. This is not find now, as planned, on 9. The end of may, but “on or around the 23. In may,” said Roche on Tuesday. So they wanted to give the authorities additional time for the completion of their current Review.

As it was said in the current message, up to Monday evening, nearly 8.1 million of Spark shares with the Depositary validly tendered. This corresponds to around 21.0 percent of the outstanding shares. (SDA)