the Decision to remove the mosaic with the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin was due to the wish of the head of state, said the Abbot of the main temple of the armed forces of the Bishop of Klin Stefan. The dismantling of the mosaic previously reported by “Kommersant”.

“the Decision was connected with the opinion of the President of the Russian Federation, who felt that his picture is premature,” the Bishop said to RBC.

According to the Chairman of the arts Council for the construction of the temple Leonid Kalinin, murals, mosaics saved. “As far as I know, mosaic is saved and it will be in the Museum or in the some another place as a historical artifact,” he said.

Recall that in this temple was supposed to be mosaic “Bloodless reunification of the Crimea” with a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and other officials, as well as “Victory Parade” with Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. According to the rector of the Church of the Bishop of Klin, the image on the walls of temples of historical events and personalities — it’s a tradition. The Kremlin announced that Vladimir Putin knows about the mosaic, but believes that it is to immortalize his services before. The opening of the temple was held on 6 may, but it was postponed.