a Robot with artificial intelligence by the name of Eric was approved for the main role in the sci-Fi action movie called b. The creation of Hiroshi Ishiguro and Kohei Ogawa opens a new era in the history of cinema and become the world’s first robot that will play in the film a full part, beating on the casting person.

the Plot of the film to become a main character and quite in the spirit of the time. A brilliant scientist tries to create a perfect molecule of human DNA. But when the study goes too far, he realizes that his work will be more harm than good. And the main character resolved on a desperate step: he tries to stop the development and helps to escape from the laboratory to his creation – the robot Eric. To learn how a robot is associated with a genetic research scientist, probably will only be at the premiere. The creators are in no hurry to reveal all the secrets.

“unlike real actors that connect to the game’s own experiences, Erica has been created from scratch. We had to simulate her movements and emotions through one-on-one sessions to develop her as a character”, – quotes the words of the producer of the project Sam josé THR.

When viewers first see Eric on the big screen, is not specified. As it is not known yet and the name of the Director. But one thing is for sure – the shooting will start in 2021 in Europe, and the total film budget will exceed $ 70 million.