For the TV Highlight of the stirred drum already and already Fans of the Show speculate wildly about who is hiding behind the price given costumes.

So also is the robot

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What we know about the robot from “The Masked Singer” know

the costume looks At first glance like the robot from Fitz Lang’s Film “Metropolis” from 1927.

The “Masked Singer”-Roborter is completely silver, wears headphones and High Heels. Hoses from the back of the head to the spine are also visible.

ProSieben describes the robot as “The robot shows heart. The mask consists of approximately 250 individual parts, and in the costume of two Mini incorporated-Computer.”

  • My programming error brought me to life on stage.
  • I am a machine, but when I listen to music, I feel emotions.
  • I’m coming with my Algorithms to success.
  • I stay in my line loyalty.

The Fans have to say about the robot

Which celebrity is behind the robot? For many, the High Heels were an important note. The following theories have Fans of the Show:

  • “Let’s Dance”-Juror Jorge Gonzalez
  • Topmodel Heidi Klum
  • dancer Ekaterina Leonova
  • Reality Star, Daniela katzenberger
  • businesswoman Judith Williams

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