It is still uncertain whether TV3 can send the 22. season of ‘the Robinson Expedition’ to autumn.

Due to the severe corona-a situation that has crippled the whole world, the production company behind the seersuccesen namely had to postpone the filming. Interim three months. Maybe longer.

It confirms TV3s program director, Kenneth Kristensen, opposite B. T. and adds:

“We continue filming for productions such as ‘Forsidefruer’ and ‘the Family from Bryggen’, but keep an eye on the authorities ‘ recommendations and continues as long as the rules can be complied with,” he says.

the Tv host Jakob Kjeldberg would again have been in charge of the expedition. And even though he had looked forward to once again shout of participants and whips them through one challenge after the other, then he is almost empty of words, as B. T. ask for the situation.

“I’m very fond of ‘Robinson’ and have done for many, many years – but in this situation, it seems to me no matter,” he says quietly.

“It is personally brandirriterende, but I won’t spend a nanosecond to feel sorry for myself or the production of a tv program is not being recorded to the time. It can not be in this situation,” says the tv host over the phone from his villa in France, where he has lived for the past 14 years.

Unlike Denmark, where output is strongly discouraged, is France closed completely down. You will not be risking a fine of around 1,000 dollars, one must keep within doors.

therefore the Situation is uncertain, says Jakob Kjeldberg, who do not know what the plans for ‘the Robinson Expedition’ is.

“But I hope that it is just postponed and not canceled. I know there are many who have rejoiced to mingle with it in front of the tv to fall.”

‘Robinson Expedition’ was first shown on british tv in 1998 and had to go to the autumn have been broadcasted on TV3 for the 22. time.

Jakob Kjeldberg has been hosting since 2004. Before him stood Thomas Mygind in the lead.