The Robert Koch Institute: Spring can stop the spread of the coronavirus

Photo: REUTERS What today is known about the coronavirus

– the hypothesis was expressed that the coronavirus is spreading well in cool weather, and the heat could be his scourge, – said the Deputy Director of the Institute of Europe RAS Vladislav Belov at a round table in press center of RIA Novosti. – Enough temperature 10 degrees. Therefore, it is probable that by the summer all the difficulties associated with this disease will be overcome.

However, no reliable evidence for this hypothesis yet. The virus is still poorly understood, and previous similar diseases of warm air not too afraid.

Photo: Xiao Yijiu/Xinhua via AP European economy at risk of supply disruptions due to coronavirus

– SARS was in the summer, remembered the head of the sector for molecular evolution, Institute of information transmission problems of RAS Georgii Bazykin. – For flu, dry weather is rather favorable. Coronavirus propagated in the human body at the temperature of +37 degrees. But if you manage to shift the outbreak of coronavirus closer to the summer, it will be very good, otherwise coronavirus superimposed on the normal wave of influenza, and then physicians will form a double load, which it will be very difficult to handle.