the Job is gone, no money for the rent, much to expensive health insurance. The beats on the health. Compared to Better-off life of people with permanent existence of up to five years in fears less in length. To this result, a German researcher, Max-Planck-study came in, they evaluated data from tens of thousands of pensioners.

Wealthy seniors live longer than people with a low pension

“If the standard of living is permanently secured, you can deal with rather of a healthy way of life”, evaluated the study involved scientists from the results. In addition, well-to-do were more likely to have the necessary money for additional health and pension products.

These positive influences are after the analysis the researcher is particularly strong. “High income security allows for a predictable course of life, the acts, in principle, good for your health”, you may want to summarize your study.

In concrete terms, this means that In 2016, the 65-Year-old had with high pensions, an average of a little more than 20 years of life in front of you, senior citizens with low salaries, it is apparent, however, from less than 16, such as from the investigation of the Max-Planck-Institute for demographic research in Rostock, Germany.

This social Unequal in several countries,

observed This social inequality is not observed only in Germany but also in other European countries. In spite of the overall increasing life expectancy, these differences have not narrowed in the past few years.

in view of such circumstances, it is for poorer people probably only a small consolation that they, too, live in an average of three months longer than it was even ten years ago.

For a long, healthy life, it is important to find the Balance and keep the Mass. For many, this is a challenge, but every person can contribute to his health.

they are called “Blue Zones”, the five areas of the earth where the life expectancy is much higher than other places. Now the science of asking: What can we learn from the people in Nicoya, Ikaria, Loma Linda, Okinawa, and Sardinia?

“70 to 80 percent of all diseases are due to a corresponding Change of lifestyle to avoid and also heal,” writes doctor Hans Ruedi Fischer in seinm book “Juicy lies”. A life without drugs is possible. VIEW summarizes its main recommendations.