the Revival of the Belarusian Polesye called Lukashenko “one of the most important parts of his presidential work,” during a conversation on July 21 with activists of the Gomel oblast, reports his press-service. “I really love to be here, the soul has become attached to these places”, – said the head of state.

According to him, the reconstruction and development of territories affected by the Chernobyl nuclear accident in the country since the first years of independence were given special attention. “I decided that this thriving and beautiful area not only Belarus, but also of our planet must live, we in any case should not leave to the mercy of fate”, – said Lukashenko.

He drew the attention of the asset for a serious change in the economic development of the country and the region, in particular, stressing that the Republic now has enough competences and professional personnel for the production of modern products. “Our people know how to do everything”, – stated the Belarusian leader, adding, however, that it is desirable “more discipline and responsibility.”

as an example, he referred to the plant “Gomselmash”, which at the end of the last century managed not only to preserve but also to make the production of agricultural machinery “a significant impulse in development”. The region’s industry in the mid 90s and today, Lukashenko admitted, – heaven and earth. All the plants in those years, he recalled, or was idle or worked neither good, nor bad, and around large enterprises spun hundreds of crooks. And if in this matter did not at the time the order was imposed, then the situation today would look very different. “I guarantee you that at Gomselmash we would not have said that there is need to produce modern harvesters on gas fuel”, – said the President.

But, objectively assessing his team achieved the results he gave to understand that the sun has spots, and there are problems, the solution of which still work.

Drew the attention of Lukashenko and the shortcomings in reclamation work in the region, requesting the government to consider this question. In addition, he pointed to the need for greater use of modern irrigation technologies, which allows to obtain a significant yield increase.

But the high rating the President got the national health service, which, in his opinion, corresponds to the European level and in the Gomel region, where he created “the most powerful medical base. No worse than in the capital,” he said. Accumulated in the country, he said, and in this region, in particular, a unique experience on overcoming the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. “Even advanced Japanese, we should thank them with us on this issue to work”, – said the President.

He expressed the belief that what a socially oriented policy, which in Belarus is carried out over the past decades, yielding positive results. Recognizing the fact that while “rich people live, and you’re not rich, not the oligarchs. But we know how to live, and we live on their land,” put semantic accents the head of state.